SCOPE OF WORK: Brand Strategy – Messaging Architecture – Sales Tools/Presentations – Video (10 Episode Web Series) – Print Advertising – Digital Marketing (Display Ads, Email) – Trade Show – Executive Presentations

“Jonathan and Mike have the rare ability to understand and address very complex, multi-faceted marketing
challenges. They crafted a compelling messaging strategy, worked hard to get our entire team on board, and helped deliver that messaging through some of our key marketing and sales materials.”
Nick Bell, Senior Director - Oracle Marketing Cloud

Turning the Truly Complex Into a Simple, Compelling Idea

Oracle, IBM, Adobe and Salesforce recently began a land-grab in the “Marketing Cloud” solutions space. Consequently, Oracle needed to rapidly market the Oracle Marketing Cloud to C-Level decision makers. So they turned to us to quickly develop a cohesive messaging strategy. Complexifying the exercise was the need to roll-up four recently acquired marketing products (each with its own messaging strategy, look and approach) into a single, cohesive “Oracle” brand.

While the competitors were busy extolling the virtues of their platforms, automation and ease of integration, we realized that most CMOs don’t think in those terms. What they want are customers. Customers who go beyond a single sale to become loyal brand advocates – what we dubbed “Ideal Customers”. So we delivered a positioning and messaging strategy based on the idea that the Oracle Marketing Cloud could actually create these Ideal Customers. This is a way to move beyond the simple, “single sale” model and instead build deep, long-term customer relationships that were far more valuable.

The messaging is not only resonating with CMOs, but also allowed 15+ strongly opinionated Oracle executives, all with differing agendas, to agree on a single communication platform. One that not only worked for everyone, but also allowed them all to clearly see how their individual products fit into the greater messaging architecture.

A Few Samples From Our Engagement