SCOPE OF WORK: Brand Strategy – Multiple Product Launches – Naming – Website – Video – Print Advertising – Television – In-Store POP – Digital Marketing (Display Ads, Landing Pages, Micro Sites) – Promotions

“They are fun to work with and the kind of people that remind you why you love working in marketing.”Robin Selden, VP and General Manager - Logitech

What to Do When You’re Being Outspent 1000 to 1

Although we’ve done a variety of work for Logitech ranging from new product launches to television campaigns, this case study focuses on one engagement that we’re particularly proud of.

Logitech is a leading manufacturer of superior quality PC cordless peripherals, yet they felt as though they were unrecognized as such in the marketplace. They asked us to help position them as the “leader in cordless peripherals”. The goal was to get people to realize that Logitech made more than just cordless mice, and offered the same high quality in other peripherals such as keyboards, webcams and other cordless devices.

After a competitive review, we could see that Logitech was being outspent by Microsoft in the cordless peripherals space by an enormous margin. So, instead of trying to compete for dominance against Microsoft’s bottomless budget, we would take an entirely different approach.

We suggested that Logitech simply claim the leadership position they had earned and thank everyone for making them the “leader in cordless peripherals” by giving away 20,000 cordless keyboard/mouse combinations. We promoted the giveaway with a single, full-page print ad in the Wall Street Journal. People who responded to the ad were directed to a micro-site where they were required to view a two-minute demo featuring a variety of Logitech cordless peripherals in order to register for the product giveaway.

The response was overwhelming. Over 200,000 people viewed the entire two-minute cordless demo and registered for the giveaway (a nearly 10% response/engagement rate based on a 2.4 million WSJ circulation). The effort not only greatly exceeded Logitech’s expectations in terms of direct response, but also provided valuable pre-qualified lead data for follow-up marketing efforts.

A Few Samples From Our Engagement