SCOPE OF WORK: Brand Strategy – Messaging Architecture – Sales Tools/Presentations – Print Advertising – Collateral

“They completely changed how our division viewed campaigns and played a key role in our success”Drew Grimm, Service Portfolio Manager - Honeywell

Helping Honeywell and Their Customers Make the Right Decisions

Marketing complex software that prevents disastrous accidents at petrochemical plants is far from simple. Which is why Honeywell turned to us to help market their new @sset.MAX software suite. The assignment presented a daunting challenge in that the technical advantages of the product were incredibly complex and difficult to relate.

After two days of in-depth software education, we decided it would be wise to talk to the plant managers who would actually use the software and who were also major influencers in the buying decision. As we got to know these individuals, we learned that their daily decisions not only resulted in millions of dollars saved or lost, but were also quite literally a matter of life or death. So what mattered most to them wasn’t new software features or ease of integration. It was keeping the folks that worked for them safe, day in and day out.

Armed with this knowledge, we helped Honeywell humanize their @sset.MAX brand and centered the messaging on what mattered most: making the right decisions – decisions that saved millions and more importantly, saved lives. The resulting campaign pushed the boundaries of marketing in an otherwise conservative and feature-focused industry. But its remarkable success proved that making a meaningful connection with people is what matters most.

A Few Samples From Our Engagement