SCOPE OF WORK: Brand Strategy – Messaging Architecture – Identity (Logo, Paper System, Signage) – Website – Sales Tools/Presentations – Collateral (Digital)

“As a trailblazing startup, Euclid needed a brand that clearly communicated our unique value proposition while elevating our position in the marketplace. In three short months, these guys delivered a solid brand strategy with real business value. They also gave us an identity package and messaging platform that made it easy to get the entire company on board.”Randy Brasche, VP of Marketing - Euclid Analytics

Helping the Creators of Google Analytics Position Their New Business

As members of the team who developed Google Analytics, the brilliant minds at Euclid were focusing their attention on bringing the power of online data analytics to the physical world. Unfortunately, they weren’t the only ones. A land-grab was happening in the locations analytics space with billions of dollars on the line. So Euclid turned to us to help stake their claim.

Historically, these solutions were wildly expensive and took months to implement, requiring deep pockets and a highly savvy IT team. But Euclid had taken a unique approach that made their solution significantly cheaper and easier to deploy, widening their potential market. However, these benefits were not being reflected in their marketing. In fact, our competitive review revealed that most of the messaging in this space either sounded like a chapter out of technical manual, or consisted of vapid claims about increased revenue. This did little to help a new, broader audience understand location analytics and why they needed it. But we realized this presented a huge opportunity for Euclid.

We suggested Euclid give potential customers what they really needed: A clear understanding of what location analytics is, what it cost, and how it would benefit them. We developed a messaging architecture based on the three key attributes of their solution: It was easy to deploy, powerful and affordable (two of which no one else could effectively claim). We then rolled the messaging up under a single positioning line: “Bringing everyone the power of location analytics” and reflected that idea in a new web site, sales materials and a brand identity package. Now locations analytics wasn’t reserved for huge enterprises with deep pockets and huge IT teams. It was ready for everyone and Euclid would bring it to them.

A Few Samples From Our Engagement