SCOPE OF WORK: Brand Strategy – Messaging Architecture – Identity (Logo, Paper System, Signage, Tagline) – Naming – Sales Tools/Presentations – Video – Print Advertising – Digital Marketing (Display Ads, Email, Landing Pages) – Trade Show – Collateral – Executive Presentations

“Our company was full of world-class marketers, yet we were struggling to market ourselves. These guys brought an invaluable, outside perspective that we desperately needed to properly position ourselves, propel our sales, and clarify who we were before going public.” Joe Payne, CEO - Eloqua

Marketing the Experts in Modern Marketing

For over a decade, Eloqua had been the leaders and pioneers in marketing automation software. However, as the industry (and their products) began rapidly evolving and maturing, their team became uncertain about how to effectively market their own marketing software. They needed help finding their position and voice in a suddenly crowded, competitive and chaotic space. So they turned to us for answers.

After an in-depth review of both Eloqua and the industry as a whole, we discovered that both were in a state of flux and confusion. Eloqua’s own products had become so complex and mulit-faceted, that even their own sales and marketing teams were having trouble explaining exactly what the product was and what it could do for their customers. To make matters worse, a glut of marketing software point solutions had joined Eloqua in the marketplace. Consequently, the people expected to buy these solutions were confused and uncertain about how they all worked and why they needed them (if at all).

Based on this, we recommended that Eloqua move beyond selling just “marketing automation” and instead, focus on defining and owning the entirely new category in which they did business. A category we would call “Modern Marketing”. We then positioned Eloqua as the “Modern Marketing Experts” – the only place where people confused by all the changes in marketing could turn for the software, services and support they needed to become modern marketers themselves. Next, we helped Eloqua push that messaging into every piece of their brand identity, marketing and sales materials. The effort helped humanize the brand, produced impressive results and helped contribute to the acquisition of the company.

A Few Samples From Our Engagement