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“Working with B&B is a holistic experience.  We utilized their skillset across branding, messaging, trade shows, digital advertising and retail marketing. Their experience, ideas and reliable execution are an indispensable part of our team workflow.”Oren Schauble, VP Marketing - 3D Robotics

Defining and Owning an Entirely New Category

Although 3D Robotics is North America’s leading drone manufacturer, when they decided to launch their first true consumer drone, they knew they had a huge hill to climb. Their main competitor was a Chinese company that enjoyed 75% market share and dominated the consumer drone industry. They knew marketing would play a critical role in tackling this giant, so they reached out to us for help.

Their new drone, the Solo, was the first one 3DR designed for the growing mass consumer market. Every aspect of the drone was both advanced, yet simple to use. However, in a side-by-side comparison with the competitive drone, the difference was hard for an average consumer to see. Properly explaining the advantages of Solo required a lengthy, deeply technical explanation. Not something we could use as a foundation for marketing to consumers who were just starting to become interested in personal drones. So instead of taking on the existing drone industry, (a fight we couldn’t win) we decided to define and own an entirely new category.

To accomplish that, we launched Solo as “The World’s First Smart Drone.” and the effort worked better than we could have imagined. People immediately understood that this new “smart” drone was like their “smart” phones. It could do a lot of impressive things in a very simple way and that it was a leap forward from all of the existing “dumb” drones. 3DR not only exceeded sales expectations, but industry press immediately began using the term “Smart Drone”, which quickly became ubiquitous. Now 3DR was positioned as the pioneer and leader in Smart Drones, leaving the industry giant playing catch up. It was the most successful product launch in company history.

A Few Samples From Our Engagement