5 Questions for Nick Bell

Senior Director and Modern Marketing Expert at Oracle Marketing Cloud

April 27, 2016/0/0

Q1: What do you see as the main differences between B2B and B2C marketing?

The differences are disappearing. Regardless of target audience, marketers strive to do one thing: create ideal customers (repeat buyers and brand advocates).


Q2: What tactics provided the highest ROI for Oracle Marketing Cloud last year? What tactics were least successful?

It’s hard to isolate one marketing tactic from another as effective modern marketing is an orchestrated set of activities over time across all marketing channels. That said, I think our use of Oracle Eloqua (demand marketing) and Oracle Webcenter Sites (www.oracle.com/marketingcloud) probably did as much as any channel to advance our leadership status among marketing cloud suites. You didn’t really expect me to throw one of our tactics under the bus, did you?


Q3: What is the role of “creativity” in modern marketing?

The same role it has played since marketing started. No marketing software or strategic data strategy will be worth its salt unless it’s delivered via an engaging, differentiated creative strategy. If anything, it’s role has become more important than ever in this age of ever-increasing  and highly fragmented media sources.


Q4: How has modern marketing changed the relationship between marketing and sales?

If deployed correctly, modern marketing technology can create a very happy marriage between sales and marketing. Not long ago this would have been impossible. But for companies to succeed today, this is no longer a marriage of convenience; it’s a marriage of necessity.


Q5: What do you think is the biggest challenge for marketers today?

Thanks to modern marketing technology, we can no longer be denied our “seat at the table.” Marketers own the customer relationship and now contribute measureable impact to the bottom line. Our biggest challenge now is continuing to deliver and keeping that seat.


Nick Bell

Senior Director and Modern Marketing Expert at Oracle Marketing Cloud

As Senior Director at Oracle Marketing Cloud, Nick is not only a true modern marketing expert, but his work with Oracle is also helping shape the future of the world’s technology-driven marketing landscape.

Nick has a proven track record of developing award-winning and ROI-based marketing programs, media relations, and brand strategies for major brands including Eloqua, Adobe, and Sprint. He has broad-based experience in both agency and corporate environments. He is an exceptional leader known for building and managing highly effective cross-functional teams.


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