5 Questions for Hardie Tankersley

SVP Innovation, Fox

June 6, 2016/0/0

Q1: What types of partnerships/co-marketing opportunities are most interested in and why?

As a broadcaster, we are most interested in integrated partnerships that best amplify the content and messaging through organic integration. We look for brands that are a natural organic fit with the programming and the audience and that will provide the best possibility of satisfying both the audience and the content creators. We look for brands that have a complementary platform and audience so that the combination of our audiences can hopefully multiply each other in a powerful way.


Q2: What is the role of “creative” in an age of digital marketing?

The role of “creative” is more essential than ever. The age of digital marketing has brought so many more tools to the creative toolbox than before. Creative has to understand all of the different digital platforms and how they integrate with and support a concept and message. The creative has to bring together all of the capabilities of the various platforms while maintaining a consistent and powerful concept in many different forms. Creative is the integration point for all of the other functions.


Q3: Have you launched any campaigns/promotions/initiatives that you would consider risky and what were the results?

They’re all risky! One recent example was an effort with Pepsi to discover a new musical talent for Empire. In this promotion we encouraged musicians to submit performance videos online and the show would choose their favorite performer(s) to be cast in a major storyline in the show.


Q4: Will liveTV still be around in 5 years? What’s your reasoning for your answer?

Live TV will always be around. But it will take on different meanings. Most live viewing today is content like sports and special events. Most entertainment programming is viewed on-demand. So the share of live viewing continues to decline. But there will always be popular live events like the Superbowl and the Grammys.


Q5: Most marketers think of Fox as a traditional broadcast company, when if fact it is a marketing powerhouse with broadcast, on demand, streaming, apps, web properties, games, sponsorships, placement and probably a dozen other opportunities – what do you think Fox will be a decade from now?

Networks will cease to be a channel number on a dial or a grid. I think all of the networks become brands that represent a collection of programming and an audience represented by a particular style and taste. The programming will be available in many forms on many platforms. But it will still live under a common umbrella brand that signals to the audience what to expect.


Hardie Tankersley

SVP Innovation, Fox

As the Senior Vice President of Innovation at Fox, Hardie delivered digital experiences for Fox network TV shows such as American Idol, Glee, The Simpsons, New Girl, and 24. He managed digital marketing platforms and built streaming for fox.com and the FOX NOW apps for mobile and connected devices.

Prior to his work at Fox, Hardie managed the development of many digital entertainment products including the first internet connections for Apple, the first backstage webcast of the Grammy Awards, the Moxi cable media center DVR, the online video portal for Real Networks, and Yahoo! TV & Movies.


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