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5 Questions for Roy Spence

Co-Founder & Chairman, GSD&M / Co-Founder & CEO, The Purpose Institute

June 25, 2016/0/0/

Q1: What’s the riskiest campaign you’ve ever been involved with and what were the results? It does not sound risky today but it was super risky back then. Some 30 years ago my partner Tim McClure wrote a line for the Texas anti-littering campaign called “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS”. There were no litter barrels on the [...]

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5 Questions for Hardie Tankersley

SVP Innovation, Fox

June 6, 2016/0/0/

Q1: What types of partnerships/co-marketing opportunities are most interested in and why? As a broadcaster, we are most interested in integrated partnerships that best amplify the content and messaging through organic integration. We look for brands that are a natural organic fit with the programming and the audience and that will provide the best possibility [...]

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5 Questions for Nick Bell

Senior Director and Modern Marketing Expert at Oracle Marketing Cloud

April 27, 2016/0/0/

Q1: What do you see as the main differences between B2B and B2C marketing? The differences are disappearing. Regardless of target audience, marketers strive to do one thing: create ideal customers (repeat buyers and brand advocates). READ MORE BELOW Q2: What tactics provided the highest ROI for Oracle Marketing Cloud last year? What tactics were [...]

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